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We are committed to tackling harmful and deleterious social and gender norms

Who we are!

We are a youth-led, registered, non-governmental organization that seeks to establish the health and rights of women and girls in local communities. We believe that every girl is costly and should be treated with such care and dignity


Sexual and Reproductive Health Information

We bring information about sexual and reproductive health to women and girls of various ages at the grassroot level (both in rural and urban communities)


Family Planning and Contraceptive services

We offer family planning services to all gender as well as assist young people in making effective choices concerning contraceptive use.



We are actively involved in advocacy projects to local communities where harmful traditional practices including FGM/C, early child marriage amongst others, as well as gender based violence are endemic. We advocate through community sensitization, mass media and social media channels.


Gender Justice

We operate a pro-bono legal arm that provides prompt relief and justice to victims and survivors of gender based violence and harmful traditional practices.


Gender Equality

We educate and encourage women and girls in local communities to speak up against social and gender norms and to be bold enough to achieve their dreams.

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